About Legendary Cards

This project seeks to document all Pokemon cards published by Wizards of the Coast up until the year 2003, which have some rare or non-standard property. Here 'legendary' means the cards exsistance is not widely known and may even be disputed by experts. Cards that have errors from inking and printing plate problems during printing process, such as ink bubbles, stains, overlays, or cutting and processing mistakes are not included. For a great list of observed printing errors and test production card variants see this list on Mt. Moon. Cards that have errors from pre-printing, meaning typos and mistakes in layout, are included if the error was corrected. In situations where the corrected version is more rare than the error-version then this will be specified. Promotional cards featuring a variant of an existing card are included except for the "Best of Game" and "Energize your Game" sets.

At first this project is limited to regular-size print cards published in English. This scope may be expanded in the future.

This is an open source and community-driven project. Please read the README documentation on GitHub for more information on how to contribute content. The email address info at legendary dot cards may be used to contact the project maintainers.

Cards explicitly excluded
  • Illustrator Error Blastoise:  This is a printing error where the word "Illus." and sometimes part of the "K" in the name "Ken" are not shown.
  • NYC Expedition Sample Cards:  These cards are confirmed to be printed by the Japanese card printer Media Factory (not Wizards of the Coast).
legendary.cards claims no copyright, all content is provided for archive and reference.